We are here to help you throughout the entire claims process.

Most insurance policies require claims be reported as soon as possible. If a claim occurs, please follow the following 5- Steps.

  • Step 1 – Protect Property and People From Further Injury
  • Step 2 – Call the police and file a report (if applicable)
  • Step 3 – OSHA Notice (if applicable) In the event of an incident or accident that results in death, dismemberment, permanent disfigurement or hospitalization of 24 hours or more, contact OSHA within 8 hours. Follow this link to get proper CalOSHA reporting telephone number by industry and zip code: If time allows it is recommended to have OSHA consultant make the report and communicate with OSHA on your behalf.
  • Step 4 – Do an accident investigation. Gather all the facts and witness information and prepare an accident report.
  • Step 5 – Complete a claims form using the information from the accident report and e-mail to

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