Important Disclosures gives an outline of the coverages proposed by the insurers, based on the information provided by your company which does not include all the terms, coverages, exclusions, limitations, or conditions of the actual contract language.The policies must be read for those details.Policy forms for your reference will be made available upon request.

In addition to the fees and/or commissions retained by Insurance Brokerage, it is understood and agreed that other parties, such as excess and surplus lines brokers, wholesalers, reinsurance intermediaries, underwriting managers, and similar parties, may earn and retain usual and customary commissions and/or fees in the course of providing insurance products. is not an actuary Should you wish to have a proposal reviewed by an independent, we will be pleased to provide you with a listing of actuaries for your use. Insurance Brokerage from time to time enters into arrangements with certain insurance carriers or those carriers’ reinsurers providing for compensation, in addition to commissions, to be paid by such carriers or reinsurers to Insurance Brokerage or its affiliates based on, among other things, the volume of premium and/or underwriting profitability of the insurance coverages written through Insurance Brokerage by such carriers or reinsurers. In addition, Insurance Brokerage and its affiliates provide management and other services to, and receive compensation for those services from, certain reinsurers that reinsure insurance coverages written through Insurance Brokerage by other insurance carriers. The insurance coverages you purchase through Insurance Brokerage might be issued by an insurance carrier or reinsured by a reinsurer that has such a relationship with Insurance Brokerage or its affiliates.